The Trump-Netanyahu «Deal of the Century» is a crime against humanity

From the «Nakba» to the «Deal of the Century» we denounce the historical injustice committed against Palestine and we make a wide call to embrace the International Quds Day as a renaissance to defend the freedoms of all the peoples of the world.

The Palestinian people bear an intensity of injustice never seen since the Zionist invasion in 1948. Every day, little children, women and elderly Palestinians are regularly murdered in cold blood. Every day, new illegal settlements are built in usurped territory, in order to destroy the Arab and indigenous identity of the land. Every day, Palestinian activists are spied on, imprisoned without base or right to defense and tortured while incarcerated. Despite this, with the so-called “Deal of the Century” Israel and the United States intend to install a new escalation of siege, aggression and injustice against Palestine, its people and its capital: Al Quds.

What does this «deal» establish?

A tripartite agreement will be signed to establish a Palestinian state, called «New Palestine», in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which will exclude existing illegal settlements (that is, 90 percent of historic Palestine)

Large blocks of Israeli settlements will remain in the hands of the Tel Aviv regime and isolated settlements will join them and not be dismantled.

Israel will not share the city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The Arab population present there will be transferred to the «New Palestine» and all the powers in Al-Quds, with the exception of education, will be in the hands of Israel. The Zionist settlers will not be allowed to buy Arab houses, nor will the Arabs buy their houses.

Egypt will give land to the «New Palestine» to establish an airport and factories, without allowing the Palestinians to live there. A road will be created between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Israel will allow water from the West Bank to be brought to Gaza through an underground pipeline.

The «New Palestine» will have no army, only a police force. An agreement will be signed for Israel to provide the security of the «New Palestine». The Palestinians also have to pay Israel for this service.

Upon signing the agreement, the HAMAS forces must renounce armed resistance against the occupier, including the personal weapons of the heads of their military branch, and these will be delivered to Egypt.

The borders of the Gaza Strip will be open to international trade through crossings with the territories occupied by Israel and Egypt, as well as by sea.

One year after the elections in the «New Palestine», Israel will gradually release the Palestinian prisoners, over a period of three years.

Within five years a seaport and an airport will open in the «New Palestine». Until then, the Palestinians will use Israeli ports and airports.

The Jordan Valley will remain under the power of Israel.

Among others.

From majdi we observe with deep concern the possible implementation of the so-called “Deal of the Century” by Israel and the United States, and we refuse it completely, since we understand that it does not represent the historic demand of justice of the Palestinian people, and far from it, constitutes a new escalation of siege, aggression and injustice against Palestine, its people and its capital: Al Quds.

The pretension to Judaize Jerusalem, alter its geo-demographic character and isolate it from its real environment and its Palestinian roots; the incitement to destroy this sanctity and the falsification of history, by the Zionist entity; as well as the actions implemented by Trump, by transferring the US Embassy to Al Quds, or by push other countries to officially recognize the Zionist regime, are unacceptable to the international community as a whole, as they constitute flagrant violations of international law and the main United Nations resolutions. It is a conspiracy not only against the rights of the Palestinian people in particular, but against the rights, identity and history of all the peoples and nations of the world, while Jerusalem has a universal identity and heritage.

We support the option of resistance against Israeli aggression and consider it the only option for the Palestinian people and all vulnerable peoples. We support the inalienable right of the Palestinians to return to their land, their self-determination and the establishment of sovereignty over all Palestinian territories.

We call on human rights organizations to highlight the injustice of this people and to illuminate the crimes committed against them by aggression and siege.

We make a wide call to embrace the International Quds Day as a renaissance to defend the freedoms of all the peoples of the world.

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