For the members of majdi solidarity is a way of life, a way of expressing our deep concern for the urgent needs of the most excluded sectors. In our programs we raise funds for people and organizations that are working in territory together with the communities where theire rights are being violated, providing direct humanitarian aid in areas of high social conflict, where your help can make a difference.

Help the victims of the Zaria massacre

ISMA Medical Care Initiatives, is a medical school institute that provides health assistance to the victims of state terrorism in Zaria (Nigeria).

Help to alleviate a Yemeni family suffering from hunger

For 4 years, Yemen has suffered a siege and a blockade due to the Saudi invasion. Yemen needs you.

Help Rohingya families in the refugees camp

For way too long the international community has been ignoring the atrocities committed against the Rohingya people.

Help to improve the education of children in Kashmir

Help to improve the education of children in Kashmir Your contribution goes to poor children in Kashmir, an area torn by the conflict.