«Nakba», the demand of justice of the Palestinian people

71 years since the Palestinian «Nakba», the list of violations of Israel to international law is almost endless. Until when this impunity?

It has been 71 years since Palestinian «Nakba» («catastrophe» in Arabic) and the forced eviction of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and ancestral villages and the establishment of Israeli entity. The atrocities of the Zionist forces included more than 70 massacres in which more than 15,000 Palestinians were martyred. Between November 1947 and November 1948, 531 Palestinian towns and villages had been «ethnically cleansed». Currently, the people of Palestine are being massacred daily in the houses, fields and streets that belong to them by right. Resisting against the unjust occupation of their nation, in the hands of an entity, Israel, that kills innocent human beings in front of the eyes of the world. From 1948 till now, the number of Palestinian refugees doubled by 9, an estimated 9 million Palestinians claim their legitimate right to return home. Israel’s list of crimes, atrocities and violations of international law is almost endless. Like his attacks on a people without army, air force or navy.

Violations of Israel to international resolutions and treaties

The UN resolution that gives Palestinians the right to return to their land and villages is Resolution 194, which was issued in December 1948. The resolution sent a ray of hope to the Palestinians forcibly evicted from their villages after the creation of the state of Israel. However, year after year, this ray of hope has turned into frustration, and then into fury, due to its lack of implementation. This failure is due to the fact, among other things, that the resolutions of the UN General Assembly are not binding. Article 11 of the resolution states that refugees who wish to return to their homes and live in peace with their neighbors should be allowed to do so as soon as possible.

Land appropriations are illegal and violate: Charter of the United Nations, Article 2 (4) and 51 (1945); Declaration on the principles of international law relating to relations of friendship …, Principle 1 (1970).

Settlements on occupied land violate Geneva Conventions IV, article 49 (6) (1949). It is illegal to colonize or transfer non-indigenous people to occupied land.

Taking land by force and claiming sovereignty violates: the Charter of the United Nations, Article 2 (4) (1945); Declaration on the principles of international law relating to friendly relations …, Principle 1.

Prohibiting civilian populations from returning to their homes after the end of the armed conflict is a direct violation of international law and UN resolutions. Convention IV of Geneva, articles 45, 46 and 49 (1949), resolutions 194 (III) of the UN (General Assembly, 1948) and 237 (Security Council, 1967).

Collective punishment violates Geneva Conventions IV, Article 33 (1949); Geneva Conventions (Protocol I), Article 75 (2d) (1977). (3)

The violations by Israel of the Security Council Resolutions of the United Nations, legally binding for member countries, include Resolutions – 54, 111, 233, 234, 236, 248, 250, 252, 256, 262, 267 , 270, 280, 285, 298, 313, 316, 468, 476, a small sample.

Despite all this evidence and history of atrocities, the victimization of Israel in the face of criticism by the international community, claiming “anti-Semitism”, or being given “unequal treatment”, or a “deep-seated bias” in human rights issues, is outrageous, when it is clearly the Palestinians, who are the dispossessed of the land, its history, justice and all normality. We ask ourselves, why can the rights of an entire nation be sacrificed, if it is Israel or the United States, who commits such abuses?

We call for immediate action to help grant international protection to the Palestinian people who have suffered for a century a barbaric and oppressive aggression at the hands of the Israeli occupation authorities, with the support of the great colonial powers such as the United States and England.

We demand the formation of an independent commission to investigate these crimes against humanity committed by Israel and the prosecution of their perpetrators before international tribunals.

We support the right of the Palestinian people to resist the foreign occupation, their inalienable right to return to their land and to democratically decide on their own destiny.

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