Indian decree against Kashmir is an attack on the Constitution and over the human rights of an entire people

The announcement of the Minister of Interior of India, Amit Shah, last Monday, informing about the signing of a decree that abolished article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which granted the Himalayan region, a Muslim majority occupied by India, a special autonomy, does not surprise many international observers.

Since 1946 till now, according to many human rights organizations reports, the list of violations of rights that New Delhi exerts against the residents of Kashmir and Jamu, is really aberrant; massacres, extrajudicial executions, deaths in custody, reprisals, arbitrary detentions, torture, burning of houses, among other atrocities; An estimated 700,000 occupation troops have killed more than 100,000 people and raped more than 10,000 women.

On the other hand, the continued use of real ammunition and pellets against unarmed peaceful protesters injured around 20,000; Inhuman measures that the Indian occupation forces regularly use to terrorize the population, through continuous curfews, among other restrictions.

According to the latest events, we ask ourselves:

What is currently happening in Kashmir? Why did the Indian government fence it militarily? Why did the Indian government send 10,000 troops with the excuse of security? Why do their occupation forces terrorize the inhabitants? Why did they isolate citizens, block their communications and internet and put political leaders under house arrest? Why does it eliminate by means of an unconstitutional decree the special status of Kashmir, after 60 years? Why does the Indian government not consult the people of a state on which it has made such an important decision? What is behind this decision?

The recent New Delhi measure is unconstitutional and threatens the rights and interests of the entire people of Kashmir, whom India, in addition to oppressing, attempts to falsely link with terrorism.

We strongly condemn the state terrorism of New Delhi, which under the pretext of nationalist claims commits all kinds of aberrant crimes against the people of Kashmir.

We demand that the international community intervene on the change in Kashmir’s status and we call for the urgent formation of an impartial and international Investigation Commission on the serious human rights violations of India.

We defend the just and legitimate struggle of the oppressed people of Kashmir.

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