With emphasis on infringed and oppressed children, this international campaign is made of a compiled selection of resources like, photos, articles, videos and more, to help you better understand what is really going in Yemen, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Bahrein, Nigeria, Rohingya and Kashmir. Is it really a war between people going on there caused by a religious or ethnic conflict? Or are these genocides provoked by the imperialist countries, that in their neocolonial career hide their true geopolitical interests, in which countless innocent lives were lost?

The campaign has several objectives:

1. To make visible the atrocities, the oppression and the genocide suffered by the peoples of Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Rohingya and Kashmir, especially their childhood.
2. Sensitize and make viable the awareness and concrete actions of international aid that provide accompaniment of the oppressed sectors by the Western Empire.
3. De-legitimize the official account installed by the so-called international community, which aims to show as terrorist innocent peoples who struggle to maintain their identity, resources and independence.
4. Clarify the true reasons, the true perpetrators and the real crimes executed.
5. Demand justice and reparation before corresponding courts.

#AntizionismIsNotAntisemitism campaign, is a guide to illuminates doubts about a topic that should be a priority for all the seekers of justice around the world, the defense of the Palestinian Cause. Since the beginning of 2016, the debate on the rights of the Palestinians has been under serious threat, because the criticisms of Israel and its founding ideology, Zionism, have been misrepresented as anti-Semitic. Through a series of materials, this campaign seeks to provide elements against those who seek to silence the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist voices.

The #FreeZakzaky Campaign, was launched in December of 2015, initially with a report sent to the United Nations and then adding a series of articles, letters, reports, conferences and accompaniment, demanding the immediate release of Nigerian leader Ibrahim Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds of followers of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, who remain till this day, unjustly, illegally and arbitrarily detained by the Government. The President Buhari is deaf to both, the claims of international human rights organizations, as well as a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice in his own country, which ordered the immediate release of the cleric. In December of 2016, we raised a claim of justice for the Zaria Massacre before UN and also demanded that the Supreme Court’s ruling be complied with, since it is in open contempt and in violation of the rule of law and international law. Through this campaign we seek to make visible the level of oppression, injustice and violation of the elementary rights suffered by our brothers and sisters in the hands of the genocidal government of Nigeria, and to demand truth, justice and reparation.