Humanitarian aids ship for Yemen

For 3 years, Yemen has suffered an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, product of a war imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the complicity and silence of the international community, where hundreds of people are murdered daily. The Zionist world media shield and the brutal economic blockade against a defenseless people, constitute crimes that have led 14 million people suffering the worst famine of the 21st century, among which 85,000 children under five years old, have died of cholera, famine, bombardments or lack of medicines. Too many times, and all over the world, we have denounced this silent genocide. Too many times, in international courts, in media and social networks, and even before the criminals responsible for this terrible oppression, we have called for end of these atrocities and destruction, and for countries like the United Kingdom and the United States to stop murdering children for economic gains, which they get with the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.

But impunity, continues.

Today, a group of solidarity people from all over the world, we unite together in one mission: to send a humanitarian aids ship to Yemen.

Place of departure: Europe

Date: September 2020

Join us in this initiative for the children of Yemen, wherever you are, collecting money in your community, in your country, sharing the initiative, or denouncing this genocide in social networks.

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