DDHH violation in Bahrain

Freedom for Sheikh Issa Qassim NOW!

From we denounce our concern, about the alarming violation of human rights and civil guarantees in Bahrain. Repeated reports prepared by human rights organizations, detail the continued and systematic disrespect for them by the government of Manama, which has demonstrated its disrespect for the basic human rights of hundreds of activists, lawyers and actors critical of its government. Especially about leaders of the Shia religion, as is the case of Sheikh Isa Qassem. In this regard, we denounce the government of Al Khalifa for keeping the prominent scholar in house arrest, after having his nationality removed, his Islamic institutions dissolved, and accused of “raising illegal funds, laundering money and helping terrorism” as well as to promote “foreign interests”. All accusations denied by the Sheikh. These facts shocked us, for being a public figure of relevance to Bahrain and the world, loved by his followers, and widely respected for his hard work in defending the rights of the oppressed. In addition to having an active participation accredited in the public life of the country, standing out his work in the parliament and in the drafting of the Bahraini Constitution, among others.

We denounce the deterioration in the health conditions of the main Shiite cleric of Bahrain, who at the age of 76 years, is not only being held illegally detained, but is also being prevented from proper medical care. The sage has lost half his weight since he remains in detention, suffers from a condition of diabetics, and needs a hernia intervention. We demand the sheikh’s immediate access to appropriate medical attention, since last Monday, the 26th, an ambulance was sent along with government security agents, who entered the house of the shaykh and his family, filming everything without their consent. Reason why, the Sheikh refused to be taken care of in such conditions. Likewise, we expressed our repudiation of the harassment and detention by the Bahraini security forces, of hundreds of Shiite religious leaders, and even minors, who participated in peaceful protests, and that under totally unfounded accusations of “meeting illegal and terrorism” are subjected to trials without guarantees and sentences based on “confessions” obtained under torture sessions.

We remind the government of the King of Bahrain Al Khalifa, who must act according to their responsibilities, recognizing existing problems and ensuring the safety of all Bahraini citizens, and not, imposing obstacles to people who hold critical positions, or criminalizing the opposition pacific, by means of the armed of black lists and the exploitation of the term “terrorism”, according to which, any person that thinks different from the dominant regime, is cataloged like terrorist. There are many arguments that show that neither the Shiite ideology nor the non-violent socio-political practice of Sheikh Qasem and his followers are compatible with such a category.

In the same way, we remind the Bahraini authorities, who call themselves Islamic, that Islam is a tradition that emphasizes the search for peace, moderation and respectful dialogue of differences, through rationality and manners peaceful with the followers of other schools, and of other monotheistic religions and ideologies. Tradition whose best example was crystallized in the government of the prophet Mohammad and his government in Medina, and whose Constitution is epitome of coexistence, respect and justice, because he managed to translate into events, a safe atmosphere for all followers, of all religions.

Therefore, it is unacceptable, both in the framework of human rights, and the true Islamic practice, and for any decent person in the world, to maintain a disrespectful attitude towards other religious schools, as Al Khalifa does, which not only disrespects to the Shiite majority of Bahrain, but does not hesitate to commit all sorts of horrendous crimes against these and other forms of peaceful critical dissent, as evidenced by Amnesty and UN reports, which speak of more than 4,000 prisoners of conscience and dozens They have lost their lives or were injured as a result of the government’s repression in peaceful demonstrations, such as the case of Shaykh Ali Salman, among other opposition leaders.

We demand that Manama leave these scandals, and restore the total and urgent guarantee of the basic civil rights of all Bahrenis, such as freedom of religion, conscience, assembly, expression, circulation, among others.


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