Repudiation for the genocidal Bin Salman in Argentina

The Federation of Islamic Entities of the Argentine Republic (FEIRA) expresses its strongest repudiation in the presence of Crown Prince Bin Salman in Argentina.

This person, who holds the position of Defense’s Minister of the Saudi monarchy, is the main responsible for the invasion of Yemen, causing a humanitarian crisis of immense proportion, leaving at risk of death by famine to more than 80,000 children and Yemeni youths, of which a significant percentage have already died, in addition to the destruction and death perpetrated by US arms.

It is responsible for invading Bahrain, persecuting and murdering citizens of that Emirate and financing the terrorist organizations that intervene in Syria, providing chemical and other lethal weapons that helped to devastate the country of the Fertile Crescent for seven years.

Such a criminal is an offense to our country as was the presence of Netanyahu at the time. Both are, without a doubt, criminals against humanity.

We deeply regret their impunity, like that of other heads of state who are also present at our country, and have their hands stained with innocent blood.

It is painful to know that today humanity is counted in bills or barrels of oil and not for the life in itself.

Daniel Hosain