We are a group of people committed with the cause of the oppressed of the world. We are inspired by the universal values of love, kindness, courage, generosity, rationality, justice and resistance against oppression. We are united by the purpose of a just and compassionate world.

Our Work

Our work focuses on generating solidarity actions with those excluded from the global apartheid system, locally, regionally and globally, regardless of their race, culture or religion. We facilitate the development of international aid networks in the social network.

Our Goals

1. Promote a new social and international order, based on truth, justice and generosity, in the place of selfish interest.

2. Demanding virtue and opposing undue acts in the exercise of power (from whatever the basis that the power derives, for example political, judicial, media, economic, military, personal, etc.).

3. Gather information about, and publicize, atrocities, oppression, discrimination, and other rights abuses.

4. Campaign to repair and support the victims of crimes.

5. Campaign to carry out justice to the perpetrators and their accomplices.

6. Cooperate with other groups and individuals where such cooperation promotes the achievement of these objectives.